Tuesday, 10 December 2013

New MX Series flow meters from Macnaught

This is actually very big news if you are in the flow meter business of use positive displacement flow meters at your company.

Australian manufacturer, Macnaught have in recent years invested an awful lot of time and money bringing all of their flow meter production in-house, in the process reshaping the way they do business. From out of this dynamic new company ethos a star has been born ! (yes flow meter news can be exciting)

The New MX Range was launched onto the European stage recently and as the UK agent for Macnaught, Bell Flow Systems went along to see what all the fuss was about. We were hugely impressed with the host of new features and user benefits encompassed in this revolutionary new product family.

Everything about this new range is set to impress and since we started stocking and selling some first units off the production line, MX models have been met with a very warm reception indeed.

Macnaught MX Series,  Sizes 1/4" to 4"

MX Web Based Resources
Macnaught has developed a comprehensive set of web based resources in order to support customers throughout the entire process of selecting, applying and maintaining the MX Flow meter range

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Running out of heating oil at Christmas is no joke

It's happened once... it'll never happen again !

Picture the scene.. the in-laws are over for Christmas and the house is lovely and warm (for a change), wouldn't want them to get cold and find out that you're a bit mean and usually only have the heating on for an hour in the morning and once again at night. So you turned the thermostat up to "Volcanic" three days ago and now everyone is lounging around in a state of cosy inebriation.

The only problem is, you've gone through most of the remaining oil in your tank and despite what you thought, the boiler won't carry on working until there are only a few millimetres left in the bottom. There's a faint whiff of oil coming from the boiler room, but the roast dinner is on schedule and the case of wine you bought on line is hardly dented. Then, hold the cashews... someone utters those terrifying words "it's getting a bit nippy in here Roger, I think I'll get my cardy... is the heating still on ?"

Have you tried getting an oil delivery on Christmas day ? If you have then the next bit won't be for you, because you already have a working oil tank monitor, as you never want to go through that experience that again.

Fitting a wireless oil tank monitor is relatively quick and painless. I did mine at home in less than 20 minutes. There's a battery powered sensor which fits to the top of your oil tank and a plug in receiver that you stick in the kitchen or living room.

As it happens... we sell them on line, so you could save yourself from a similar nightmare this Christmas if you order one today.

There are basic models which just show how much oil you have left on a digital scale of 0 - 100%
Apollo Standard :: Remote Heating Oil Tank Level Monitor, Battery Powered      Order securely here

Apollo Standard ::
Remote Heating Oil Tank Level Monitor

Then there are more exciting models which tell you your oil heating costs and oil consumption rates

Apollo Smart Energy Monitor:: Remote Heating Oil Tank Level Monitor, Battery Powered       Order Securely here

Apollo Smart Energy Monitor::
Remote Heating Oil Tank Level Monitor

Info shown on the screen of the Smart includes:

  • Volume of fuel remaining in litres
  • Volume of fuel remaining displayed via bar chart function
  • Number of days supply remaining
  • Internal Air Temperature in degrees Celsius
  • Cold Weather Warning
  • Low Level Warning Alert
  • Transmitter Battery Status Alert

  • There's even an oil tank monitor that doubles as an oil theft alarm. We have all heard stories about travelling oil thieves draining oil tanks in the wee small hours. Now help is at hand!

    WatchmanALARM :: wireless remote oil tank level gauge & combined oil theft alarm          Order Securely here

    WatchmanALARM ::
    wireless remote oil tank level gauge & combined oil theft alarm

    Have a warm and happy Christmas :-)

    Tuesday, 3 December 2013

    Fluid Power & Systems 2014 - We'll be there... will you ?

    Fluid Power & Systems 2014 - Stand A312

    Fluid Power & Systems 2014

    Fluid Power & Systems is the only event in the UK that is 100% per cent focused on a comprehensive range of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, together with products that facilitate better electro-mechanic system design and application for improved process automation, control and monitoring.

    Hydraulic Test Equipment stockist and distributor Bell Flow Systems is part of the Flowmax Group and represents the Hedland and Flo-Tech brands from Badger Meter, exclusively in the UK. On their stand at Fluid Power & Systems 2014, visitors will be able to see their latest digital and analogue test equipment, suitable for both Hydraulic and Pneumatic applications. Measurement of Pressure, Temp, Flow, RMP and Horsepower

    A new range of digital displays and logging devices with GSM telemetry will be shown on stand where we will be happy to discuss your enquiries.

    See our relevant products here:

    Cwoffee and Biscwits.... it's hard to say no !

    Just like lot's of offices up and down the British Isles, our sales dept operates a contributory milk & biscuits fund. One shiny pound gives you weekly access to hundreds of biscuity calories and several daily hits of caffeine with milk.

    The problem is .... what if you don't want to eat the biscuits ?  They taste great and when the biscuit tin is offered with each cup of tea or coffee, it's hard to refuse a yummy Jammie Dodger or Custard cream. (..although I can take or leave Malted Milk and Nice biscuits unless they are all that's left)

    With each biscuit or seven that I eat, it is slowly dawning on me that this habit is damaging my health ,well being and overall attractiveness.  I look out from my desk and casually glance at some of my colleagues walking past (names withheld to protect the innocent) I see expanding waistlines and early-onset #Manboobs aplenty .... and I don't want Moobs.  I'm too young to wear elasticated trousers and the prospect of shopping XXL in George by Asda terrifies me.... but the biscuits just taste sooo good. Am I hydrogenated fat dependant... a sugar slave ... a biscuit Junkie !

    I have tried saying no, but half way down my coffee, I'm hit with a feeling of emptiness, a sad overwhelming sense of loss weighs heavy on my heart ..and rumbling gut. A drink is jut too wet without one. (people of a certain age should get that reference, younger readers can move on)

    Where is your willpower, it's not that hard to say no to a crumby biscuit I hear you say. Well you are right.... but at the same time you are also very wrong. There is one factor I have not mentioned so far. I'm scared of the bear ! You know the one, Vinnie the Foxes biscwits mafia bear from Newyoik.

    eat my biscwits or else... capishe ?

    I'm afraid that if I refuse the biscuit tin's tempting delights, he'll get to hear about it and take offense. I'll be driving home one night and Vinnie will appear in my rear view mirror with an offer I can't refuse ! Ba-dah-bing.

    So for now, I guess I'll have to keep on eating the biscuits and pretend I'm enjoying them. It's not just hard to say no... it would be positively irresponsible to say no !

    Monday, 2 December 2013

    Diesel transfer pumps range extended to encompass more fuel delivery pumps of different voltages, sizes and flow ranges. Buy online for next day delivery... extra, extra, read all about it !

    Being part of the Flowmax group gives us access to some of the best fuel transfer pumps on the market from leading global brands such as Piusi, Fill-Rite and Gespasa. We also have a budget range for those with less discerning tastes, but still in need of reliable quality products.

    Hypothetical problem of the day: You have a 12V DC supply from your truck, tractor or fork-lift and want to fill a large tank or bowser with diesel. After thirty minutes it is only 40% full and your pump is starting to smell funny... you read the warning label and it says 30 min duty cycle... what do you do?

    A: Wait 30 minutes and resume filling, because most of the pumps on the market are rated this way.

    B: Wish that you had asked a specialist and been supplied with a continuously rated 12V diesel transfer pump from Gespasa

    Hello and thanks to anyone that reads this

    Starting this blog today and not sure what to post. So I'll start with Hello and a little bit about us, then see where it goes.

    The company that I work for, Bell Flow Systems Ltd was founded back in 1997, taking inspiration for it's name from the Five Bells pub in Weston Turville. The company was originally set up to design and construct liquid handling and control systems, but soon began promoting and selling flow measurement products and accessories.

    Today the business is part of the Flowmax Group of companies and one of the UK's most successful flow measurement specialists, representing manufacturers from around the globe, acting as agent, stockist and distributor. We now supply and even manufacture flow meters and fluid handling products and solutions to companies in the UK and overseas which are small, large and truly global in nature. From Terry the plumber to Tata motors, Texaco and Tate & Lyle

    You can see some of the members of our staff below during the recent charity event; Movember.

    You will find some interesting tit-bits, amusing episodes and brazen attempts at product promotion within this blog during the coming months, so keep reading.