Badger Meter Vision 3000 Turbine Meter

WRAS approved Vision Turbine Meter 3000
Badger Meters Vision series of turbine flow meters have been examined, tested and found to comply with the requirements of The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme which is also known as WRAS.
The low cost turbine meters from the Vision series are well known on the market. A new addition to the series is the Vision 3000. The Vision 3000 is a good choice for applications ranging from 2 to 60 l/min. It is great for the exact measurement of small quantities of liquid as well as measuring low flow rates.
The Vision 3000 turbine flow meter is entirely made out of Trogamid which is low-priced, transparent and ultra-light. All materials used are compliant with the requirements of the drinking water approval.The product can be used with a variety of liquids such as water, fuels, ink and weak acids and is resistant to ethanol and methanol.
The meter has an accuracy of ±3% of actual flow. The Vision 3000 is available in DN12 in G 3/4" and NPT 3/4", with DIN plug connector, different or customized cable connections. The power supply ranges between 5 to 24 VDC or between 2 to 5,5 V when battery-powered.
Thanks to best technical properties, there are various applications that the Vision turbine flow meters can be used for. They are best suited for industrial applications like in cooling plants, dosing, irrigation and dispensing systems, or in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. 

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