Monday, 27 February 2017

Bespoke Fuel Management Solution

Effective fuel management is essential to any organisation wanting to successfully monitor their fuel levels and prevent fuel thefts occurring especially in third world countries. When completed properly, it can make a vitally important contribution to the profitability of such organisations. The cost of fuel and its usage is a significant overhead for any commercial establishment.

Bell Flow Systems were approached by Telecomms specialist, Alan Dick Company in Africa to provide a unique solution to a range of problems, surrounding supply, delivery, remote reporting and security that they were facing. There was currently no one single solution on the market to help them and so they commissioned Bell Flow Systems to supply various integrated products and services. The company successfully installed oil flow meters, remote telemetry equipment, fuel management hardware and software plus accessories and commissioning for this bespoke fuel monitoring project in Gabon, Africa.

Operating a network of mobile telephone communications masts within the Congo which provides vital Cell-phone infra-structure to widespread rural communities in this third-world country, Alan Dick Company has been facing an ongoing struggle to keep the masts’ diesel fuel based electricity supplies running. Fuel theft and generator fuel supply failure have become increasing problems to the company in recent times, leading to frequent network outages.

The client required a reliable monitoring system to remotely provide information on the generator fuel levels at fourteen of their sites to ensure fuel re-supply was accomplished at the correct intervals. They suggested that these deliveries should be recorded using tamper resistant equipment as it was suspected that the delivery drivers were not delivering all of the fuel documented.


Bell Flow Systems successfully developed a lockable and rugged enclosure based system, housing an accurate supply line Macnaught fuel flow meter, an independently powered local volume display register for back-up verification and the AquaLink II; an autonomously powered remote telemetry device providing M2M data transfer over WiFi/GSM/GPRS to the head office. Access is via a cloud based portal with monitoring, reporting and alarm based functionality.

Another problem the client faced was frequent fuel theft, potentially from current employees. The client required the facility at all of his sites to dispense this stored fuel securely and accurately into containers by approved users. Logging all transfers and recording this information locally as well as reporting this information remotely to the head office. The current manual transfer ‘trust based’ system was open to abuse by corrupt or negligent staff so a new secure solution was desperately needed.
A secure fuel management system was installed for each of the sites featuring lockable cabinets, hard wired fuel and data lines, remote telemetry over GSM/GPRS and independent user access logging via RFID key fobs controlled by the system administrator. The Gespasa MINI 88K fuel management system was an ideal solution for this particular application, providing simple installation and operation and rugged stainless steel construction. The use of these user allocated key fobs, unique to each user has prevented unwanted fuel dispensing by unauthorised individuals.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Bell Flow sales team invited to product training session

Our technical sales team recently spent two days training at the factory where our flow monitors are manufactured. The training consisted of learning about new and upcoming products as well as customer case studies and success stories.

The team were able to witness our flow monitors in action at a local brewery as well as experiencing some local food and drink. Staff were also able to improve their existing knowledge by adjusting and building the flow switches and were given an informative tour of the factory and workshops.


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Diver Level Loggers Used for Water Monitoring Project

A number of Eijkelkamp Diver water level loggers have been used in a ground water monitoring application in Romania. For this project, research is conducted into the feasibility of underground storage for water during periods of severe drought or heavy rainfall.

Water supports organisations in the Dutch water sector with international ambitions have been involved in innovative, international projects, such as the project in Romania in which the so-called MARS technique is applied. MARS stands for Management of Aquifer Recharge and Storage. In this increasingly applied technique, the available storage options for water in the soil are used to their full potential. Due to the geological and climatic characteristics, Romania is the perfect place for this type of water storage.

The MARS project aims to reduce the risks and dangers of drought and flood, and to contribute to a more efficient water management and water delivery method in Romania. Due to the changing climate, the worldwide demand for expertise in the field of water and water management is increasing. Due to its age-long experience with these issues, the Netherlands has built up an incredible reputation, resulting in projects such as the Romanian MARS project.

Diver level logger products are able to accurately measure and monitor the groundwater levels with the option of transferring data via GPRS, if required. Cost-effective Divers feature ceramic pressure sensors for long-term use of monitoring water levels and temperature in harsh environments. Bell Flow Systems supply a selection of level loggers, view their website for more information.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Insertion Flow Meters from Impeller

The Impeller series from Badger Meter - USA is a range of insertion style flow sensors designed to measure water and chemicals via insertion through the pipe wall.

Fitting an insertion meter is simpler, faster and cheaper than cutting a section from the pipework to install a full-bore flow meter.

Featuring a closed, six-bladed impeller design, using a proprietary, non-magnetic sensing technology, these meters offer high repeatability at lower flow rates. Sensors can be interchangeable, eliminating the need for recalibration after service or replacement.

Impeller flow meters are available in a choice of construction materials and a variety of sizes and outputs or LCD displays. With an accuracy of +/-1% and flow rates up to 9 m/s and up to 69 bar, depending on model, the Impeller series makes an ideal choice for use with corrosive and non-corrosive fluids even at higher system pressure.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Mechanical flow meters are back!

After Forty years of manufacturing in Sydney- Australia by Macnaught Pty , a decision to stop production of M-Series mechanical display flow meters in favour of digital models was taken last year. This has now been reversed for 2017 following a review of global distributor feedback and resurgence in customer demand.

Oval gear meters are widely recognised as one of the most versatile principles of flow measurement, with their ability to accurately meter a broad range of low to high viscosity fluids without the need for flow conditioning. Incorporating this unique oval rotor principle into its design has enabled M-SERIES positive displacement flow meters from Macnaught to offer proven reliability and excellent levels of accuracy and repeatability.

M-SERIES are back! Incorporating the unique oval rotor principle into its design has enabled M-SERIES positive displacement flow meters from Macnaught to offer proven reliability and excellent levels of accuracy and repeatability.:

Including a rugged design that minimises the number of wearable and replaceable parts and extends product life, easily fitted and operated mechanical registers, flexibility of installation options; meters can be mounted horizontally or vertically without flow conditioning and they exert minimal pressure drop allowing for economical pump selection or gravity flow applications.

With moving parts inside the meter body limited to a pair of oval gear rotors, maintenance is minimal. Unlike more complicated technologies M-SERIES can be quickly and easily disassembled, serviced and reassembled whilst still in the line without the need for special tools or training.

The M-SERIES model range covers sizes from ½” to 4” with flow rates from 2 to 1200 LPM and an accuracy reading of +/-0.5%. Offering a choice of construction materials ensures effective use in industrial applications with a wide range of fluid viscosities.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Siargo MF5700 Thermal Mass Meters

Measuring flow utilising the leading MEMS technology, MF5700 thermal mass flow meters from Siargo are a cost-effective choice for gas flow monitoring, measurement and control in general purpose flow applications. The meters are designed for use with non-explosive and clean gases such as air and nitrogen.

The MF5700 features a rotatable LCD display showing instant flow, SLPM, accumulated flow and battery status. The compact and portable design makes the meter an ideal choice for various applications where a power supply is unavailable.

Specifications on this range of mass flow meters include: hygienic and oxygen safe copper body, an accuracy reading of +/-3% and a flow range of 0 – 25 SLPM, depending on the model selected. A choice of Pulse, 4-20mA and RS485 outputs are available.