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Case Study: Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter Measures Up at London Gym

Working in partnership with the Central YMCA, we supplied and commissioned the TFX clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter from Dynasonics at the largest gym facility in central London.
The application called for a simple, non-intrusive solution to record flow rate and total consumption of fresh water at this six thousand member health centre, where the incoming fresh water pipework serves both the health centre and several business units which are sub metered.

The TFX Ultra was perfectly suited to this task and chosen for it’s simple and reliable clamp-on design which allowed for quick and easy installation to the outside of the existing pipework. This style of flow meter reduces installation time and material costs. In addition to this, the application required a data logging facility for which the SQ2020 logger provided the perfect accompaniment to the TFX Ultra, with it’s 16 universal inputs and data management to MMC/SD card or PC.

The information obtained now allows the YMCA centre to accur…

Badger Meter Training: Neuffen, Germany

With a broad range of metering and instrumentation products at our disposal we pride ourselves on product knowledge, when offered product training we're not ones to turn it down, especially when it involves a couple of days in Neuffen, Germany...

Badger Meter offer a hugely varied and world renowned selection of flow measurement products and as you are probably aware we are the UK representative for Badger Meter and we supply a whole host of their products. Last month we were invited along to Germany for their two day product training event being held at Badger Meter Europa in Neuffen. Over the course of two days training covered a range of their industrial flow meter products such as: Hedland VA meters, Turbines, Oval Gear, Nutating Disc, Coriolis, Vortex,Differential Pressure and Impeller flow meters. 

As well as learning more about Badger Meter products, we also sampled German cuisine, Swabian noodles, being the dish of choice. Swabian noodles, also known as 'SpƤtzle' are…