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Keeping On Hop Of Beer Production

Consistency and control during the brewing process are the key to producing a quality product and flow measurement provides the opportunity to reign in any variability. We recently supplied a brewery in Ireland with BLFT-32 stainless steel turbine flow meters with tri-clamp hygienic connections.

Firstly the brewery required a flow meter to measure the volume of sparge water being added to the mash tun in order to produce wort, a sweet liquid created with grains, water and sugar which goes to a boiler where the hops are then added. The BLFT can handle temperatures up +110°C and can meet the demands of sparge water which is typically +90°C. Another BLFT was supplied to measure the volume of filtered beer into storage tanks for final brewing. With an accuracy of ±1%, the BLFT can measure exactly how much beer is being moved around the brewery from tank to tank.

As with all food and beverage production hygiene is of upmost importance, the BLFT turbines were supplied with tri-clamp hygienic…