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Use the Apollo Smart to Keep Track of Heating Oil

At this time of the year it's especially important to keep track of how much home heating oil you have remaining in your oil tank.

The Apollo Smart is the world’s first home energy monitor, designed specifically for domestic oil heating installations. Fitting easily onto the oil tank, the Apollo Smart allows heating oil users to determine the volume of fuel remaining in their tank, as well as monitoring heating costs, consumption and emissions.

The transmitter relays data, including estimated days until empty, wirelessly to a mains powered receiver unit where it is displayed on an easy to read LCD display. So you can always see whats in the tank from inside your home.

The Smart Monitor features a built in fuel theft alarm to alert the homeowner and a low level warning alert to let users know when the oil tank is running out.

TD-Diver Makes an Ideal Choice for Accurate Groundwater Measurement

Introducing the new cost-effective TD-Diver from Van Essen. The TD-Diver replaces the Mini-Diver with a new improved design. The enclosure has been redesigned to optimize the protection of the pressure sensor and electronics and by making the TD-Diver heavier than its predecessor, users will experience a simpler and smoother deployment down a bore-hole.

The new Diver benefits from an increased corrosion resistance by additional surface treatment of the housing, easy connection with SDI-12 Modbus protocols, an internal working memory of 72,000 measurements per parameter and efficient electronics allowing two times more samples without compromising the battery life.

A choice of data logging methods can be selected with the improved level logger including continuous memory or fixed length memory depending on the user’s preferences. The TD-Diver features a quicker processor, making the user spend less time waiting for the data to be retrieved. This accurate and reliable logger can be also…

ATEX Automatic Sampler for Portable Waste Water Applications

The compact Basic EX 1 mobil is designed for portable use and fittings in manholes within explosion-hazardous surroundings, offering time, volume, event and flow proportional sampling programmes.

The sampler benefits from a simple 4-key menu navigation with a large LCD display making the data information easy to read. The sampler’s IP67 rated protection housing is constructed of heavy duty PUR plastic with excellent insulation properties and all-round rubber impact protection, making it ideal in hazardous areas.

Unlike the traditional mobile samplers, the Basic EX 1 mobile has an integrated Bluetooth interface allowing coupling with up to 7 further Bluetooth subscribers this can include a PC or a flow quantity meter. Devices are connected to each other without cables to allow data exchange, this means there is no possibility of plug systems become damaged over time.

As well as a Bluetooth interface, the sampler also offers GSM/GPRS communication options. This allows the sampler to b…

Many Thanks For Joining Us at WWEM Exhibition

We would like to thank those of you who took the time to visit our stand during WWEM exhibition held in Telford last week.

It was our pleasure to meet you and was also great to see some familiar faces. We were overwhelmed by the number of visitors to our stand and the interest in our new range of products as well as our existing selection.

We were showcasing our range of environmental monitoring instruments including water level loggers, waste water samplers, level sensors, open channel flow meters and telemetry data loggers. Information on these products can be found in the environmental section our website.

Introducing the Itron Flow Meter Range

Another renowned supplier added to our growing portfolio is Itron. We are proud to be supplying an extensive range of water meters, gas meters and heat meters from Itron.

Itron’s water meter range includes the Aquadis+; a rotary piston water meter, Woltex Woltmann water meters and the Flostar; a single-jet water meter. All water meters benefit from long term high accuracy and are OIML, MID and WRAS Approved. The IP68 rated body makes Itron water meters an ideal choice for usage in harsh environments both indoor and outdoor.

The gas meter range consists of MID approved diaphragm gas meters designed for natural gas, propane and butane. All Itron gas meters are fireproof to EN1359 and OFGEM approved, providing high accuracy at low flow rates with no maintenance required.

Itron offer a wide range of heat meters suitable for various applications including the CF ECHO II; an ultrasonic compact heat meter with on-board electronic signal processing and the CF Ultra Maxx V; a compact mounted mete…