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When ATEX Flow Meter Selection is Critical

Specifying the correct flow meter for any application is important but becomes absolutely critical in potentially explosive environments.  In these situations only meters with the correct ratings and genuine certification must be specified.
The latest Macnaught MX-Series Ex range of oval gear flow meters have been tested and approved by FM, DEKRA and SIRA for use in ATEX Category 2 Zone 1 applications offering the ideal solution for applications requiring accurate flow measurement in environments where there is potential exposure to flammable gases, dust or vapours.
Available in aluminium and stainless steel, in sizes from DN8 ¼” up to DN50 2” and with a flow range from 0.5LPH to 1200LPM these meters are suitable for measuring, monitoring and batching thin to viscous fluids, corrosive chemicals and non-conductive liquids up to 85c. High viscosity models are also available for use with fluids over 1000cPs such as paints, adhesives and resins.
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New Gespasa Adblue Meters

Highly regarded Spanish manufacturer Gespasa have recently launched a range of waterproof electronic meters: MGI-100BLUE and MGE-100BLUE that are suitable for the measurement of various liquids such as water and AdBlue®. The meters contain a PVC measuring chamber with high accuracy oval gears. They have an enclosed front casing which prevents the ingress of water or Adblue®.

The MGE-100 has an integral battery powered LCD display which shows a 5 digit flow total in large easy to read numerals. A low battery warning and easily removable facia to swap out the battery, make servicing quick and easy.

The MGI-100 has a pulse output for retransmission of data to fluid management and control systems. The meter contains two signal channels including Reed switch and Hall effect.
A major advantage of these new electronic meters is that they can be fitted outdoors due to their IP66 weather proof casing. The flow rate in both meters is from 10 to 110 l/min with an accuracy of +/- 0.8%.
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MID Class 2 Ultrasonic Heat Meter

The Qualcosonic Heat 2 from Axis, represents a breakthrough in quality heat energy measurement vs competitive pricing.
This new range is available from Bell Flow Systems in sizes ranging from DN15 to DN100 and is fully compliant with the requirements of both Domestic and Non-domestic RHI schemes.
 As well as all of the usual features of a high end heat meter, this range includes the following output options; M-Bus, RS232/485, Modbus, 4-20mA, wMbus RF686, MiniBus, Pulse.