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VZO Contoil Oil Meters from Aquametro

Contoil oil flow meters from Aquametro are designed for domestic and commercial oil and fuel measurement applications. VZO oil meter range enables the user to accurately measure oil consumption, for usage, billing and cost allocation purposes.

The meters in the VZO collection utilise the oscillating piston principle, using true positive displacement design to accurately measure every drop. The design features a low pressure drop across the meter body. This ensures reliable readings even on gravity fed and low flow applications.

Models feature either a multi-functional digital LCD displaying the flow rate and total volume or a mechanical totaliser with counter. Aquametro - VZO oil meters provide flexible installation with mounting in horizontal, vertical or inclined positions.

Available in sizes 10mm to 55mm and with flow ranges from 0.5 to 30,000 litres per hour, there is a VZO meter to suit the majority of oil flow requirements. Options exist for pulse and 4-20mA output with a range of …

Engine Fuel Consumption for Italian Helicopter Company

Bell Flow Systems has recently been approached by an Italian helicopter company for help with engine fuel consumption on their test rigs.

Having discussed the application our recommendation was to use the Macnaught oval gear flow meters as these are widely used across many different industries for exactly this type of application. We ourselves have used these meters on busses, trucks, generators and even diesel powered cement mixers.

On this particular occasion the typical fuel circuit to be tested required only a single flow meter to be used and the Macnaught MX06.was chosen. With a Stainless Steel Body and Rotors this ¼” BSP ported meter gives a flow range of 0.5 to 100 l/h and pressure rating up to 69 Bar.

The pulses generated by the rotating rotors are picked up by an ATEX Intrinsically safe pick up and are collected by a remote mounted display mounted within the test rig to show the flow rate and total consumption. The aim of the test is to be able to prove that engine consumption i…

GK7 Fuel Management System from Gespasa

Bell Flow Systems offers a fuel management system that can be retrofitted to existing fuel dispensing systems or can come as a complete integrated solution with transfer pumps and dispensing equipment. These also offer management software to download and analyse the data and alternatively a model with built in GPRS modem and antenna to send the data remotely and view anywhere with internet access.

The Gespasa GK-7 management system offers a great retrofit solution for monitoring fuel dispensing. With options for a metallic cabinet, IP65 box or in a free-standing Totem the GK7 can be fitted in many different locations to suit the needs of the user. It allows access only to registered users via a Pin code and / or key fob and can limit the volume of fuel dispensed to each user and records how much each user has taken.

The software and communication kits allows the manager to analyse all the dispenses and to see how much each user has taken. There is also the option to identify by each veh…

Offshore Oil Rig Installation with ATEX Mag Meter

Bell flow systems were recently approached about a sea water pumping application for an offshore oil rig. The customer required a highly accurate meter to fit onto an existing 3” line, which would be suitable for operation in an ATEX zone 1 hazardous area, and also capable of withstanding the harsh conditions that come with being offshore. In addition to this, the meter was required to come with a UKAS accredited calibration and EN 10204 material certification.

Due to the high quality build, and robust nature, the Siemens Sitrans MAG 3100 electromagnetic flow sensor combined with an ATEX 18-30V DC MAG 6000 display, was naturally a perfect match for the application. The Siemens Sitrans MAG meters have a large variety of liners to suit almost any medium, as well as a choice of 316 steel, hastalloy, platinum, or titanium electrode materials and grounding electrodes as standard.

To strengthen the resistance to the harsh offshore environment, the meter body was also coated in a special wea…

Aquaread AP2000 Water Quality Probe for Imperial University

A world renowned public research university, located in central London, recently approached Bell Flow Systems with a requirement for a multiparameter water quality testing probe, to aid ongoing research into the environmental sector.

It was important for the research that the probe was able to measure dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, and ammonium, at multiple measuring points. Ideally being able to record the data internally throughout a whole day’s worth of field testing.

For this application, Bell Flow Systems provided the IP68 rated AP-2000 Advanced Multi-parameter water quality probe, with an optical ammonium sensor. The AP-2000 is the smaller of the Aquaread range of advanced portable multiparameter water monitoring probes. A range of  sensors included as standard, however it also allows you to add even more sensors to the probe for full customisation.

Additionally the probe was supplied with a GPS Aquameter which enables live readings, automatic data recording and probe calibrat…

New Badger Meter RCT1000 Coriolis Flow Meter

Introducing the RCT1000 Coriolis mass flow meter, the latest addition to Badger Meter USA’s growing product portfolio.

RCT1000 meters are especially suited to the precise measurement of high viscosity fluids, aggressive media and contaminated fluids as well as high density gases, whilst maintaining a wide turndown ratio. Typical applications for these mass flow meters will include filling or dosing oils, solvents and chemicals and measuring adhesives or binding materials, coatings and hardeners, dyes, vitamins and other additives.

Renowned for their outstanding accuracy and versatility in measuring challenging flow applications, Coriolis principle flow meters have been employed in a wide variety of industries and applications. Coriolis flow meters are true multi-variable instruments, which means that they provide simultaneous measurement of mass flow, density, temperature and volume flow. A valuable feature of this design is the lack of internal moving parts, enabling the flow meter to…