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*Product of the Month* Piusi K24 Turbine Meter

The Piusi K24 digital turbine flow meter is suitable for Adblue or water dispensing. The IP65 protection housing is constructed in polypropylene and stainless steel providing endurance for use in every condition.

Integrated on the K24 turbine meter is an LCD display with a 5 digit partial total from 0.1 to 99999. Shown on the display is the flow rate indication and resettable total. The display can be easily rotated in 4 different positions making the screen readable from any angle.

Although available with an average battery life of 18-36 month, the batteries can easily be replaced with little effort. The configuration options include single channel and reed switch. Models benefit from a high accuracy of +/- 1%, when calibrated and a flow range of 6-100 L/min.

Hazardous Ultrasonic Level Sensor from APG

Introducing the Loop Powered Ultrasonic Level Sensor from APG. The LPU-2428 sensor is designed for environmental monitoring, water and wastewater control, and liquid tank measurement applications. They are also suited to other industrial and process control applications that require monitoring or calculation of liquid or solid volume and flow. The sensors are ideal for use in hazardous areas.

LPU-2428 sensors provide a 4-20mA output which is directly proportional to the flow rate, and users can select flow rate units of per second, per minute, per hour, or per day. For volume measurement, the sensors have built-in formulas for most industry-standard tank shapes. LPU-2428 sensors benefit from a rugged PVDF transducer housing and PC/PET chemical resistant sensor housing, and are easy to install using industry standard 2-inch NPT fittings. Key features include its tough, IP65 rated housing, intrinsically safe rating for use in hazardous areas and non-contact measurement.

Operating in t…

Product Training on the Plum Mac R6!

Last month our trained technical sales team were invited over to Bialystok in Poland for product training on the Plum Mac R6 telemetry system – an intelligent readout and data logger.
The Mac R6 is easily programmed with a secure cloud based platform or a mobile app which can be downloaded on all Android phones. When connected to these, the user is able to download and view all of the information from the device including historical data and graphs, allowing information to be accessed securely from any remote location 24/7.

At Bell Flow Systems, we pride ourselves on product knowledge, when offered product training we believe it can only enhance our existing expertise. Over the course of two days, the specialised training covered the production and manufacturing of the Mac R6, including a guided tour of the company factory where other products are produced as well. Plum have a world class calibration facility in house which means all testing is done on site.

The team undertook trainin…

Ground Water Level Monitoring Instruments from Van Essen

Recently added to Bell Flow System’s enhanced portfolio of environmental products is the Diver Water Level Loggers. Diver products are suitable for monitoring groundwater and surface water in various types of applications. Each instrument is designed to perform well in various types of water and a range of applications, including corrosive and harsh environments.

In situations where there is requirement to monitor groundwater levels, saltwater intrusion, contamination from chemical discharges or landfill sites, the CTD-Diver is the water level logger of choice. The diver features a rugged design and corrosion proof housing making it ideal for use in harsh environments. The CTD-Diver comes equipped with a four-electrode conductivity sensor that can measure electrical conductivity from 0 - 120 mS/cm. Two options are available for the conductivity measurement: true or specific conductivity at 25 °C.

Constructed of a ceramic housing and containing a ceramic pressure sensor, the Cera-Diver

AquaPlus Meter - Suitable for Portable Water Quality Measurement

The AquaPlus probe is a portable combined optical dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity and temperature sensor from Aquaread. Suitable for testing groundwater, surface water and waste water, the IP68 rated AquaPlus is constructed from rugged materials to withstand harsh environmental conditions and all types of water. Due to the built in conductivity sensor, the AquaPlus is able to calculate and automatically compensate DO readings for changes in water salinity.  Advantages of the optical sensor technology includes oxygen is not consumed by the sensor so no flow of water is required, the sensor holds calibration well and requires little maintenance, low maintenance cost with caps lasting over 2 years. The robust meter houses an air pressure sensor used in automated compensation, along with the GPS receiver which can be found in all of Aquaread’s portable field equipment.   
Ideal for handheld water quality measurement, the AquaPlus measures optical % DO saturation, optical DO mg/L,…

Compact Fixed AV-Flow Meter for Open Channel Pipes

The Compact Fixed AV-Flow Meter from Mainstream Measurements uses the area-velocity method giving a continuous or time sample measurement of fluid flow. The high performance meter is designed for users wanting to measure water velocity, level and flow in basic open channel and part-filled pipe applications. Sensor high sensitivity means the meter is suitable for various applications including waste water treatment, industrial flow measurement, irrigation channels and canals, river/stream flow measurement, sewer flow measurement and water distribution. 

Key features of the Compact Fixed AV-Flow Meter include high capacity internal data logger, easy to install- no flume or weirs required, an optional ATEX sensor available for hazardous area applications, 4 MB data logger memory with data retention of up to 20 years and additional smart power saving mode which automatically reduces the measurement time for high flow velocities and high signal qualities. With a streamlined velocity probe,…