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IRON-75 Fuel Transfer Pump

Built to last.... IRON-75 Fuel Transfer Pump from European manufacturer Gespasa. 
High quality self-priming, 75 Litres/min diesel pump available from Bell Flow Systems. 

Buy on-line hereIRON-75

Self-priming. Eccentric self-adjusting bladesWith recirculation bypassATEX models available here>>: Suction: 5m · Delivery: 30mFree flow: 75 l/minConsumption: 1.9-4.5 AmpsMotor: 0.5 kW 230 VAC self-ventilated 50/60 Hz single-phase with thermal cut-out protectionS1 Continuous dutyIP-55 Protection3000 rpmConnection through 1"(BSP) threads and flange optionIt has built-in steel filter of 350 µm (micron).ON/OFF luminous switch with IP-55 protection3m electric cable Anti-corrosion treatment

Also available as a wall-mount or drum mount fuel transfer kit :

Introducing the New Wireless Rain Gauge

Bell Flow Systems are pleased to introduce the ARG100 rain gauge into their range of environmental measurement products. 
The ARG100 is a cost effective solution for precipitation measurement. The aerodynamic design ensure that the sensor does not interfere with the surrounding airflow ensuring that accurate measurement of precipitation is continuously achieved. The U.V resistant materials ensure robustness in the field to maintain a high level of measurement accuracy. In standard form the rain gauge is offered with a 0.20mm per tip pulse output, however additional options are available.

Measurement of rainfall is achieved using a traditional “tipping bucket” mechanism which has been proven as a reliable industry and scientific standard for the measurement of precipitation for many years. Each tip of the bucket provides a contact closure of a reed switch to create an output from the rain gauge.

The output from the ARG100 can easily be connected directly to our OM-CPPULSE101 for local da…

GWR200 Flow Sensor from APG

Bell Flow Systems are pleased to introduce the new GWR200 flow sensor from APG, which promises to take the problems and frustration out of your level measurement.

The Systems True Echo™ Communication Tool, which provides a Modbus-to-USB connection for communication with True Echo™ Software allows for advanced configuration and monitoring of multiple True Echo™ sensors.

Specifications includes an auto calibration for easy setup with the True Echo™ software, a robust IP65 ingress protection housing, innovative signal processing and disturbance signal suppression and featuring a range up to 10 feet with SS rod, 80 feet with cable. Additionally, the sensors are unaffected by foam, vapours or dust.

The Sensor NEMA 6 housing comes as standard, and its 316 SS or PFTE-coated 316 SS probes can operate in process temperatures from -40° to 203°C. Robust and reliable, the GWR200 sensor makes difficult level measurements easy.

With a programmable 4-20 mA or RS-485 Modbus outputs, and innovative signal…

TFX Ultra provides reliable leakage detection

Bell Flow Systems were recently approached by a customer looking for a reliable solution to remotely monitor a fire hydrant for flow detection and leakage purposes.

The site, located remotely, required a clamp-on measurement solution to provide flow measurement without breaking into the pipeline. Information from the site also need to be available remotely, as well as providing visual alarms to operators at the site office.

Bell Flow Systems supplied the TFX Ultra flow meter and provided a local Modbus output to a third party telemetry system. Data From the telemetry system will be stored onto a web portal providing a visual indication of the current flow, total flow and diagnostic information from the flow meter. Information on the data portal will also show visual alarms so the operators can respond to leakage or flow events at the site office.

TFX Ultra has inherent advantages over traditional devices including clamping onto the outside of pipes and not contacting the internal liqu…

BDP ATEX Pumps from Gespasa

The Gespasa BDP high-flow, explosion proof range of vane pumps are self-priming, positive displacement, and continuously rated. The BDP pumps in the collection are suitable for use with diesel, petrol, kerosene and other clean, non-corrosive liquids. Transfers using the range of BDP pumps are quick, uniform and inaudible for a simple operation.

Constructed from IP-55 hard-wearing die casted iron housing, the pumps are ATEX EExd IIBT4 certified for use in hazardous environments. Featuring an operation pressure of 3.5 bar and a maximum of 800 rpm, the pumps also have built-in bypass valves for heavy-duty applications.

With sizes from 1.5” to 3”, and flow rates from 200 L/min to 1000 L/min, these pumps are specifically designed for high volume transfer, S-1 service, fuel tank filling and discharging and storage of fuel. Motors are available in 230/400vAC and 400/660vAC, depending on the model.

Bell Flow Systems are the main UK distributor for Gespasa’s range of products. Gespasa are a Sp…

Bell Flow Systems Receive Silver Award from Badger Meter

Bell Flow Systems, along with distributors over the world, were invited to the Badger Meter headquarters in Neuffen to celebrate the company's 45 year anniversary and to attend product seminars and the grand distributor’s award gala evening.

The Bell Flow Systems directors, Lee Brogan and Nick Cleaver proudly accepted the silver award for contributing to 6 years of distributing Badger Meter products at the Global distributor meeting awards ceremony.

Technical training days and product seminars were also included in the trip including a tour of the Porshe factory production line in Stuttgart, which the group thoroughly enjoyed.

New MS1000 Hygienic Mag Meter

New Electromagnetic hygienic flow meter released by Badger Meter and available at Bell Flow Systems further extend our ability to provide an ideal solution for many applications.

The new MS1000 is a fully stainless steel, robust electromagnetic flow meter, specially designed to be used in the food industry and meet the highest requirements. It is available with various process connections and installation lengths for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. It is also resistant to aggressive chemicals used in CIP and SIP processes.

The MS1000 benefits from the attributes of all electromagnetic flow meters with no mechanical moving parts and the meter bore is free of obstruction producing a negligible pressure drop and giving the meter long life with long term high accuracy. The high accuracy makes it a great option for dosing or mixing applications and with digital and analogue outputs the measurements can be transferred to control systems.

The meter also benefits from Modbus RTU…

Vortex Flow Meters – Hot Tap & Compact Models

The new VN2000 vortex flow meters from Badger Meter are available from Bell Flow Systems and offer an ideal solution for a range of applications for measuring volumetric or mass flow of liquids, gases and steam. As a robust and reliable meter and with a large turn-down ratio these meters are an ideal solution for a range of applications.

The vortex meter technology lends itself well to harsh environments due to the lack of mechanical parts and solid construction. The VN2000 model is no exception and with its solid stainless steel construction and non-wetted sensors it takes this further offering a heavy-duty option with an exceptionally long life span, maintaining accuracy for many years and reducing maintenance costs over time in comparison to other metering technologies.

The VN2000 meters have the option of an integrated RTD temperature sensor, which is used for mass flow calculations and can also have a second external RTD connected to calculate energy transfer across a heat exchan…

Ultrasonic Heat Meters for THERMOSS Project

Bell Flow Systems have recently been working closely with a large global specialist in energy management and automation, to supply non-invasive energy monitoring systems to multiple sites across the EU. The units will be supplying data to be used in the EU commissioned THERMOSS project for energy efficient buildings, under its HORIZON 2020 programme. The project will last for 42 months, and will involve the collaboration of 12 partners from the EU and Switzerland.

The aim of the THERMOSS project is to contribute to the wider deployment of advanced heating and cooling technologies in buildings throughout the EU. This project includes addressing 30% energy consumption reduction in buildings and 20% in districts.

The development process consists of five steps: technology database creation, technology packages refinement, technology package sizing toolbox, thermal energy flow algorithm, integration and validation. The study will be implemented across several key sites in the UK, Finland, …

Product Training at Gespasa, Spain

Last month two of Bell Flow’s employees went to visit our supplier Gespasa in Spain for some product training.

Gespasa Headquarters

Gespasa’s factory is located in Balaguer (Lleida) in Spain, about an hour and a half from Barcelona. They manufacture fuel pumps and flow meters for diesel, petrol, oil, and adblue.

Here they toured the factory, workshops, and offices, learned about the new products available, and were trained on how to use the Diesel Plus software and the GK Suite. Both of which being software to manage the fuel and fleet supply of vehicles, and can also be applied to other types of applications such as water, chemical or most other fluid supplies.

The control tools, like the supply lists by users and vehicles, enable instantaneous readings of the exact expenses of each unit, and determine whether there is any irregular consumption or not. The software gives different tools to manage the product stock, the suppliers, the vehicles and its maintenance, the users, among oth…

New, iSonic 4000 Ultrasonic Meter

Introducing the new iSonic 4000, a versatile ultrasonic flow meter for open channels and partially filled pipes as well as measuring volumetric contents of liquids in tanks.

Suitable for clean water and waste water applications the iSonic 4000 can be used in combination with weirs or flumes using one of its’ pre-programmed tables, or a 35 point calibration table may be used instead. This model can display values and control applications with a selection of outputs and data-comms options, as well as recording readings to the internal data logger with a capacity for approximately 130,000 readings. Data can be downloaded using the ‘Flow Meter Tool’ PC software which also allows the user to programme all parameters. The user PC can be connected via USB interface or Ethernet interface.

The programming menu, featured on the large graphic LCD display, offers a wide variety of primary flow element options such as flumes and weirs and displays the flow rate of partially filled pipes and open cha…

Cheers Sir Bob - BLFT Turbine Installation

Bell Flow Systems has recently supplied a Stainless Steel Turbine Meter to Awash Winery in Ethiopia. Not only is this winery the largest in the country, but it is also part owned by UK equity firm chaired by Sir Bob Geldof.

Awash currently bottles seven million litres of wine annually. It plans to boost production under 12 brands, including the well-known Axumite, Awash and Gouder names.

Gouder is a national brand Geldof first tasted in 1984, when he got back from areas of drought in the north that had taken the world by shock. The 1984-85 Ethiopian famine had prompted many such as Geldof to galvanize the international community for help. He is known to be a force behind a LiveAid concert, a phenomenal event that was the first to get broadcast live across the world for the first time, and as a result raised over 100 million dollars for charity

Geldof says he decided in 2013 to get involved in the winery hoping to see the factory expand and improve in order to provide additional employme…

M5000 Battery Mag Flow Meter

The M5000 IP68plus is a battery operated electromagnetic flow meter designed for water metering and management. It is designed to meet the highest demands of water metering applications assuring the user of reliable and accurate measurements with low maintenance. The meter comes certified to OIML R49 and MID MI-001 providing a meter that conforms to the requirements throughout Europe and the world.

With many water metering applications it is often found that the meter will be submersed and it is essential that the meter will still work in these situations. The M5000 IP68plus as its name suggests is IP68 rated suitable for continuous immersion and the integral model can still be operated whilst immersed.

Another constraint can be the lack of power supply in remote areas, but the M5000 is battery powered and offers up to 20 years life allowing the meter to work without the worry of regular maintenance. With many meter technologies there is a requirement for straight sections of pipe bef…

EM21 Energy Meters from Carlo Gavazzi

Carlo Gavazzi EM21 Series are general purpose three phase energy meters, suitable for both active and reactive energy metering for cost allocation, as well as for main electrical parameter measurement and retransmission. These meters are CE approved and also meet approval of Class B according to EN50470-3 (class 1 of EN62053-21) and Class 2 according to EN62053-23.

EM21 series meters are compact and extremely simple to install, due to their application-oriented programming procedure, downloadable setup software and wrong phase-sequence warning. Meters benefit from a flexible installation, featuring a multi-use housing, for both DIN-rail and panel mounting applications.

Technical features include a high accuracy reading of ±0.5% and a robust IP50 protection rated housing. The innovative design contains a detachable LCD unit which displays a full set of instrumentation values (Voltage, Current etc).

As standard these meters are provided with a pulse output for active energy transmissio…

AdBlue - The use and importance of it

AdBlue is becoming increasingly more commonplace. Sometimes known as Urea, which makes up of 32.5% AdBlue, it is used to reduce the harmful NOx emissions produced by diesel vehicles. It is injected into the selective catalyst reduction (SCR) system to cause a chemical reaction converting the NOx into nitrogen and water vapour, harmless, naturally occurring chemicals.

European legislations have been coming into force since 1993 to reduce emissions from engines on commercial vehicles and improve air quality. The emission standards have become increasingly stringent and in 2005 the limit of NOx meant AdBlue was being increasingly used in diesel vehicles and the most recent legislation, Euro 6 which came into force in 2014 meant that the SCR system and AdBlue was required in diesel vehicles and by January 2015 this applied to newly delivered cars too.

AdBlue is not hazardous, but is corrosive and therefore it is important that specially designed equipment with compatible materials is used…

VZO Contoil Oil Meters from Aquametro

Contoil oil flow meters from Aquametro are designed for domestic and commercial oil and fuel measurement applications. VZO oil meter range enables the user to accurately measure oil consumption, for usage, billing and cost allocation purposes.

The meters in the VZO collection utilise the oscillating piston principle, using true positive displacement design to accurately measure every drop. The design features a low pressure drop across the meter body. This ensures reliable readings even on gravity fed and low flow applications.

Models feature either a multi-functional digital LCD displaying the flow rate and total volume or a mechanical totaliser with counter. Aquametro - VZO oil meters provide flexible installation with mounting in horizontal, vertical or inclined positions.

Available in sizes 10mm to 55mm and with flow ranges from 0.5 to 30,000 litres per hour, there is a VZO meter to suit the majority of oil flow requirements. Options exist for pulse and 4-20mA output with a range of …

Engine Fuel Consumption for Italian Helicopter Company

Bell Flow Systems has recently been approached by an Italian helicopter company for help with engine fuel consumption on their test rigs.

Having discussed the application our recommendation was to use the Macnaught oval gear flow meters as these are widely used across many different industries for exactly this type of application. We ourselves have used these meters on busses, trucks, generators and even diesel powered cement mixers.

On this particular occasion the typical fuel circuit to be tested required only a single flow meter to be used and the Macnaught MX06.was chosen. With a Stainless Steel Body and Rotors this ¼” BSP ported meter gives a flow range of 0.5 to 100 l/h and pressure rating up to 69 Bar.

The pulses generated by the rotating rotors are picked up by an ATEX Intrinsically safe pick up and are collected by a remote mounted display mounted within the test rig to show the flow rate and total consumption. The aim of the test is to be able to prove that engine consumption i…

GK7 Fuel Management System from Gespasa

Bell Flow Systems offers a fuel management system that can be retrofitted to existing fuel dispensing systems or can come as a complete integrated solution with transfer pumps and dispensing equipment. These also offer management software to download and analyse the data and alternatively a model with built in GPRS modem and antenna to send the data remotely and view anywhere with internet access.

The Gespasa GK-7 management system offers a great retrofit solution for monitoring fuel dispensing. With options for a metallic cabinet, IP65 box or in a free-standing Totem the GK7 can be fitted in many different locations to suit the needs of the user. It allows access only to registered users via a Pin code and / or key fob and can limit the volume of fuel dispensed to each user and records how much each user has taken.

The software and communication kits allows the manager to analyse all the dispenses and to see how much each user has taken. There is also the option to identify by each veh…

Offshore Oil Rig Installation with ATEX Mag Meter

Bell flow systems were recently approached about a sea water pumping application for an offshore oil rig. The customer required a highly accurate meter to fit onto an existing 3” line, which would be suitable for operation in an ATEX zone 1 hazardous area, and also capable of withstanding the harsh conditions that come with being offshore. In addition to this, the meter was required to come with a UKAS accredited calibration and EN 10204 material certification.

Due to the high quality build, and robust nature, the Siemens Sitrans MAG 3100 electromagnetic flow sensor combined with an ATEX 18-30V DC MAG 6000 display, was naturally a perfect match for the application. The Siemens Sitrans MAG meters have a large variety of liners to suit almost any medium, as well as a choice of 316 steel, hastalloy, platinum, or titanium electrode materials and grounding electrodes as standard.

To strengthen the resistance to the harsh offshore environment, the meter body was also coated in a special wea…

Aquaread AP2000 Water Quality Probe for Imperial University

A world renowned public research university, located in central London, recently approached Bell Flow Systems with a requirement for a multiparameter water quality testing probe, to aid ongoing research into the environmental sector.

It was important for the research that the probe was able to measure dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, and ammonium, at multiple measuring points. Ideally being able to record the data internally throughout a whole day’s worth of field testing.

For this application, Bell Flow Systems provided the IP68 rated AP-2000 Advanced Multi-parameter water quality probe, with an optical ammonium sensor. The AP-2000 is the smaller of the Aquaread range of advanced portable multiparameter water monitoring probes. A range of  sensors included as standard, however it also allows you to add even more sensors to the probe for full customisation.

Additionally the probe was supplied with a GPS Aquameter which enables live readings, automatic data recording and probe calibrat…

New Badger Meter RCT1000 Coriolis Flow Meter

Introducing the RCT1000 Coriolis mass flow meter, the latest addition to Badger Meter USA’s growing product portfolio.

RCT1000 meters are especially suited to the precise measurement of high viscosity fluids, aggressive media and contaminated fluids as well as high density gases, whilst maintaining a wide turndown ratio. Typical applications for these mass flow meters will include filling or dosing oils, solvents and chemicals and measuring adhesives or binding materials, coatings and hardeners, dyes, vitamins and other additives.

Renowned for their outstanding accuracy and versatility in measuring challenging flow applications, Coriolis principle flow meters have been employed in a wide variety of industries and applications. Coriolis flow meters are true multi-variable instruments, which means that they provide simultaneous measurement of mass flow, density, temperature and volume flow. A valuable feature of this design is the lack of internal moving parts, enabling the flow meter to…

Positive Displacement Meter for Grain Driers Solution

Bell Flow Systems have recently been approached for a grain driers application in Saudi Arabia. The customer needed a robust meter, with a local display to show total usage only, which would withstand the ambient temperature and require minimal maintenance. The meters were required to measure the diesel used to fuel the grain driers.

The Badger Meter RCDL Recordall flow meter was selected, in bronze with a mechanical accumulating totaliser. The positive displacement meter was ideal as it has very low pressure loss and a wide flow range, meaning there was no risk of the meter starving the drier, and the wide flow range meant that if the drier was only on at half power, the meter would still measure the flow accurately.

The mechanical display has an accumulated non-resettable total, and can handle the ambient temperature. In a location where the weather can hit an average temperature of 43⁰C in the summer months, this was an important factor to consider.

The series is best suited for me…

Tuthill Introduces ATEX In-line Digital Turbine Meter

Tuthill is pleased to announce a game-changer in the in-line meter market. Tuthill has introduced an all new, 100% made in the USA, in-line digital meter that has +/- 1% accuracy, global certifications and simple, preset calibrations making it the clear winner in the most sought after customer wants for this meter category.

These new digital meters have many advantages over competing brands. First, they are accurate to +/- 1%, whereas many other brands are only accurate to +/- 5%. Second, they come out of the box with 18 factory calibration presets making it fast and easy to setup for first use. Plus, it measures in gallons, litres, quarts, pints and ounces. It also has global certifications including UL for US and Canada, ATEX, IECEx and CE. These certifications are on the entire meter, not just the electronics.

The meter is designed for use in-line or at the end of the hose so users can easily install it where it is most convenient. It has simple, four button operation and a rubber b…

New Cost-effective Level and Temperature Sensor for Ground Water

Bell Flow Systems are now proud to introduce the new Leveline water level logger to their ground water measurement range. The Leveline sensor is a cost effective solution for those looking to monitor water level applications in ground water, estuarine and surface water applications.

Available in both absolute and gauge options the level sensor can be deployed with either Kevlar cord if using the absolute versions, or with rugged cable if looking to use a vented sensor or require surface data collection. The Leveline also offer a titanium body as standard making the sensors highly durable for harsh environments and long term deployments.
Battery life for the device is up to 10years with an internal data logger offering collection of 500,000 data sets. A fast logging interval also means that readings can be collected as fast as 10 records per second. Programming of the Leveline can be achieved using a simple PC software or via the GPS Leveline meter. Readings from the device can be als…

Competitively Priced Itron CF-Echo Heat Meter

The Itron CF Echo II is an ultrasonic compact heat energy meter with on-board electronic signal processing to provide high levels of precision. These Heat meters are UK RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) compliant and European MID approved to class 2 standards, enabling them to be used in both domestic and non-domestic RHI heating and cooling measurement applications.

All pertinent measuring data is presented on a multi-functional LCD display. The display enables easy reading, providing fast and clear data access. These meters provide a range of features such as advanced data-logging, 12 year battery lifetime, IP67 Ingress protection and simple installation.

As standard, these heat meters are supplied with a pulse output and M-BUS communications with optional GPRS facilities. Available in sizes DN15 to DN50, these models can be installed either vertically or horizontally depending on the application type. Flows can be measured from qp 0.6 to qp 15m3/h dependent on model size with reliable…

Mag Meter Installation in London Brewery

Weird Beard Brew Company, a London based brewery who specialise in hand-crafted beers came to Bell Flow looking for a flow meter to use in their brewery. The requirement was for a high accuracy meter, with minimal wear and tear to ensure longevity and minimal maintenance, allowing more time to make delicious beer!

The Badger Meter MIDF Hygienic electromagnetic flow meter was chosen and was to be used with both beer and water in the process, so it needed to be hygienic and have sanitary fittings. In this case, tri-clamp connections as these were already in place throughout the brewery, so this would allow easy installation with minimal interference and would allow the meter to be easily removed and put into a different line if needed.

The hygienic mag meter features a food safe PTFE liner, 304 stainless steel body, and tri-clamp connections. The tri-clamp connections enables the meter to be easily removed from one line and put into various points within the process to measure water goi…

Area Velocity Flow Meter Range – Water & Waste Water

Open channel monitoring and measuring equipment from Bell Flow Systems utilise the area-velocity measurement technique, providing a continuous or time-sample measurement of water flow. The Mainstream high performance series are designed for users wanting to measure water velocity, level and flow in open channel and partially-filled pipe applications.
Mainstream products available include; AV-Flow Transmitter, Velocity Transmitter, Compact fixed AV-Flowmeter, Premier fixed AV-Flowmeter and the Portable AV-Flowmeter. This range of meters are relatively quick and simple to install without the requirement of a flume or weir and offer a high level of sensitivity ensuring suitability for various flow measurement applications.

Featuring a variety of outputs including 4-20mA signal, scaleable pulse output and GPRS data transmission options. The meters include a bi-directional velocity range for forward and reverse velocities of 10mm/s to 5m/s. ATEX hazardous area sensors are optionally avail…

Mac R6 Data Logger from Plum

Now available from Bell Flow Systems, the MacR6 is a user friendly, low cost solution for monitoring water consumption and pressure within water distribution networks and many other flow metering applications.

Data is collected automatically by picking up a pulse from a flow meter or an input from another single device. Data is transferred to a central server for analysis once a day or more frequently if required via the integral GPRS modem.

The MacR6 is internally powered and housed in a fully waterproof IP68 enclosure, making it ideal for remote areas where power is not available and where the meter will be exposed to harsh weather or installed submerged. It also has a local display allowing the data to be viewed at the measuring location.

A fantastic feature of the MacR6 is its simplicity in installation. It is programmed via Bluetooth with free downloadable Android applications using the OptoBTEx optical head allowing you to simply connect to the device without the need for any tools…

New FMT 3 Innovative Digital Flow Meter

Introducing the latest product from German manufacturer - Tecalemit, a durable multi-purpose digital turbine flow meter, suitable for; diesel, fuel oil, water, antifreeze and Adblue®. Now available in the UK from Bell Flow Systems, the FMT 3 flow meter features a symmetrical measurement chamber allowing the device to be used with flow in both directions. Models are straight forward to operate and suitable for use in automotive environments and most downstream oil applications, where measured fluids display a wide range of viscosities. 
The meter is ingress protected to IP65 and features a large illuminated LCD display with freely rotatable viewing angle, adjustable in 90 degree increments. A unique feature of this model within its’ target markets is the magnetically coupled operation ensuring total separation between wetted components and the display, which can be removed during operation . This is especially helpful for any future maintenance since it allows the user to replace just …

Ultrasonic Level Measurement Goes Truly Wireless!

The demand for wireless communication in the field of sensors and measurement devices is forever increasing, with technology development operating nonstop. The problem most consumers currently face however is that products which claim to be wireless, commonly are not truly wireless. Although the systems on the market can provide wireless communications, they are not able to operate without the need for power.  The LNU ultrasonic level sensor from Bell Flow Systems tackles this problem with its truly wireless design. The sensor itself contains a Lithium battery supply which means the user can simply install the sensor in their application without the need to connect a power or a communications cable to the device. Configuration of the device is simple, using a wireless dongle called a Wiji the user can connect to their device via a laptop and view live level data, stored level data from the unit’s internal data logger and / or make changes to the sensor configuration. If operating mult…

Hinkley Point Power Station Application

Bell Flow Systems were recently asked to provide a meter suitable for accurately measuring and recording the flow of sea water being pumped across a beach at Hinkley point.

Hinkley point in Somerset is the site for a new nuclear power station, the first in the UK for a generation. As the 10 year construction scheme begins there are many environmental factors to be considered at each phase. One of these is to ensure that enough water is pumped from the sea to areas where it is required to help preserve marine life following the temporary construction of a new jetty and sea wall, built to allow materials for the construction of the power station to be delivered by sea.

To provide evidence of sufficient pumped water supply, Bell Flow Systems were required to provide a suitable flow sensor to meet the demands of the application. The flow meter must be compatible with sea water and designed to cope with the challenging weather conditions found on this beach side installation location. It mus…

Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter Installation for Aquatic Exhibits Specialists

Bell Flow Systems were recently approached by a company who specialize in the set up and maintenance of aquatic exhibits in zoos around the UK.

The company required a flexible, portable metering option, which would allow their engineers to measure the flow rate in a variety of pipe sizes without having to interrupt the flow or disturb the animals.

With inherent advantages over traditional in-line flow meter technologies, the cost-effective BFU-100-H handheld portable ultrasonic heat meter was chosen. The ultrasonic flow meter was supplied, as it allowed the engineers to use the same meter at various zoos, on a wide range of pipe sizes and materials, without having to cut into the pipe and cause potential contamination issues.

The BFU-100-H is a battery powered, non-invasive meter which clamps on to the outside of virtually any pipe material, from 25mm to 700mm in diameter, and is accurate to ±1%. Featuring a flexible installation in which the meter can be mounted both horizontally or …

BK Diaphragm Gas Flow Meters from Elster

BK Diaphragm gas flow meters utilise a precision multi-chamber measurement design offering long term accuracy and stability with maintenance free operation. 
The Elster BK range of gas meters feature robust steel construction and are suitable for metering natural gas, town gas, Propane and LPG in most domestic & commercial applications. MID approval ensures these meters have guaranteed low flow performance and EN1359 certification ensures UK safety compliance.

All models feature an integrated mechanical totaliser, providing a clear meter reading, although they can be fitted with an IN-Z61 pulse transmitter enabling data to be viewed remotely.
Available in a range of sizes from 20mm to 100mm with a maximum compliant working pressure of 0.5 bar and with UK standard connection centres and BS746 threads with coupling options.

Bespoke Fuel Management Solution

Effective fuel management is essential to any organisation wanting to successfully monitor their fuel levels and prevent fuel thefts occurring especially in third world countries. When completed properly, it can make a vitally important contribution to the profitability of such organisations. The cost of fuel and its usage is a significant overhead for any commercial establishment.

Bell Flow Systems were approached by Telecomms specialist, Alan Dick Company in Africa to provide a unique solution to a range of problems, surrounding supply, delivery, remote reporting and security that they were facing. There was currently no one single solution on the market to help them and so they commissioned Bell Flow Systems to supply various integrated products and services. The company successfully installed oil flow meters, remote telemetry equipment, fuel management hardware and software plus accessories and commissioning for this bespoke fuel monitoring project in Gabon, Africa.

Operating a n…

Bell Flow sales team invited to product training session

Our technical sales team recently spent two days training at the factory where our flow monitors are manufactured. The training consisted of learning about new and upcoming products as well as customer case studies and success stories.

The team were able to witness our flow monitors in action at a local brewery as well as experiencing some local food and drink. Staff were also able to improve their existing knowledge by adjusting and building the flow switches and were given an informative tour of the factory and workshops.

Diver Level Loggers Used for Water Monitoring Project

A number of Eijkelkamp Diver water level loggers have been used in a ground water monitoring application in Romania. For this project, research is conducted into the feasibility of underground storage for water during periods of severe drought or heavy rainfall.

Water supports organisations in the Dutch water sector with international ambitions have been involved in innovative, international projects, such as the project in Romania in which the so-called MARS technique is applied. MARS stands for Management of Aquifer Recharge and Storage. In this increasingly applied technique, the available storage options for water in the soil are used to their full potential. Due to the geological and climatic characteristics, Romania is the perfect place for this type of water storage.

The MARS project aims to reduce the risks and dangers of drought and flood, and to contribute to a more efficient water management and water delivery method in Romania. Due to the changing climate, the worldwide de…