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Badger Meter Launches New Cost Effective Turbine Flow Meter

Badger Meter has recently released the B1500 series, a turbine flow meter suitable for dispensing various clean liquids such as water, light oils and chemicals.
The B1500 series are a cost-effective option for highly accurate and reliable flow measurement and are the ideal solution for clean, liquid flow applications in industrial processes, such as batching, blending, monitoring and general flow measurement. The new B1500 turbine series are best suited for automotive, chemical, aerospace and general industrial application’s, however these turbines are extremely rugged and also perform well in the harsh environments found in the oil and gas sector.
An optional B3000 flow monitor can easily be integrated onto the turbine to provide an economical, flow metering solution with multiple visual and system integration options. Presented on the powerful LCD display are flow rate and totals with various signal outputs and the option to transmit data to a user interface via Modbus RTU. A remote…

*Product of the Month*

Qalcosonic Flow Meters
The Qalcosonic Flow meter is an ultrasonic water flow meter designed for measuring water in domestic applications. It includes a long battery life and an 8-digit LCD display giving information on the total volume, current flow rate as well as historical data.

The Qalcosonic meter range offers a variety of signal outputs and communication options including pulse, M-Bus, ModBus and RF. Models are available for measurements of hot and cold water applications and vary in sizes from DN15 to DN100 with wide flow ranges and the units are all MID certified.

Fit for Purpose

Bell Flow Systems were recently approached by a mechanical and electrical building services company for a water and heat measurement project. Based in Edmonton, The Gym required the measurement of heat energy consumption as part of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, along with the monitoring of cold and hot water services.

The application called for a simple solution to record the flow rates and temperatures of the water used at this large health centre and the equipment used was requested to be compliant with the requirements of the RHI scheme.The client also required the data from the heat and water meters to be available off site, therefore allowing the customer to view live data from the devices without the need for local data collection.

For this project we commissioned a VuAqua multi-jet water meter with optional pulse output facility which is WRAS and MID approved. Also provided was a MID Class 2 approved VuHeat meter which is RHI compliant and contains a pulse and M-Bus …

Fork Lift Truck Course

Four of Bell Flow System’s employees recently undertook a three day Lift Truck Operator course where they renewed their reach truck licences. The intensive course covered all aspects of lift truck operations within the modern warehouse environment and the all-important safety procedures involved. Each employee passed with flying colours and are eager to put their newly gained fork lift skills to practice! 

Badger Meter Vision 3000 Turbine Meter

WRAS approved Vision Turbine Meter 3000 Badger Meters Vision series of turbine flow meters have been examined, tested and found to comply with the requirements of The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme which is also known as WRAS. The low cost turbine meters from the Vision series are well known on the market. A new addition to the series is the Vision 3000. The Vision 3000 is a good choice for applications ranging from 2 to 60 l/min. It is great for the exact measurement of small quantities of liquid as well as measuring low flow rates. The Vision 3000 turbine flow meter is entirely made out of Trogamid which is low-priced, transparent and ultra-light. All materials used are compliant with the requirements of the drinking water approval.The product can be used with a variety of liquids such as water, fuels, ink and weak acids and is resistant to ethanol and methanol. The meter has an accuracy of ±3% of actual flow. The Vision 3000 is available in DN12 in G 3/4" and NPT 3/4", wit…