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Simple Sight Flow Monitors & Switches

When a highly accurate flow meter is not essential but simple visual indication will be sufficient, or a good old fashioned mechanical flow switch is required, Bell Flow Systems’ range of flow monitors are more than suitable. Compatible with water, oil, chemicals and gas with the option of ATEX approval they can be used in most flow applications including those in hazardous areas.

Ideal for observing and monitoring fluid characteristics such as direction, flow and colour during process conditions, sight indicators are a cost-effective way to visually monitor flow and determine if any problems exist along the process line. Available in a choice of designs and materials there is an option to suit most applications.

The rising ball and spinner models are low cost sight indicators that meet the needs of simple flow applications. The rising ball model features a durable PTFE ball inside a borosilicate glass dome, as flow in the pipe rises the ball inside the dome will lift out of its socke…