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Leak Control in Water Distribution

Almost one quarter of all water supplied in the UK is lost through leakage. Leakage not only wastes water, leaks are costly to repair, contribute to water supply interruptions, traffic disturbances and property damage. With vast pipe distribution networks it is often difficult to locate a leak, requiring a solution which easily and quickly locates leaks in the pipeline.

Dynasonics has developed a clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter named the TFX-Ultra™. It provides accurate and repeatable flow measurement readings for full pipe liquid applications in 13mm to 3800mm internal diameter pipes where system shutdown is not feasible. The unit is designed to simply clamp-on to the outside of existing pipe, reducing installation time and material costs. There is no need to shut down the process for installation or maintenance and with no moving parts, there is no mechanical wear - no repair kits or replacement parts are ever needed. 

Once installed along the distribution network the TFX-Ultra™ flow m…

New Range: Coriolis- Superior Flow Measurement

Coriolis mass flow meters are among the fastest-growing flow measurement technologies, the forecast for the worldwide Coriolis market is set to exceed £1.08 billion in 2016. We are pleased to announce the introduction of our latest range of Coriolis flow meters.

Renowned for their outstanding accuracy and versatility in measuring challenging flow applications, coriolis flow meters have been employed in a wide variety of industries such as petroleum, petrochemical, pharmacy, food and beverage for decades.

Coriolis flow meters are multivariable instruments, they provide measurement of mass flow, density, temperature and volume flow and are ideally suited to the measurement of medium to high viscosity liquids, aggressive media and contaminated fluids as well as high density gases. Coriolis flow meter advantages include: straight through flow without moving parts, versatile installation in short pipe runs, true mass flow measurement and increased turndown, flow sensitivity and performance.