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Vortex Steam Meters

The BFVM series of in-line vortex flow meters are designed for measuring the volume/mass flow of steam based on the Karman vortex principle. Using an advanced differential algorithm along with signal isolation, buffered shielding and wave form filtering, the BFVM series of vortex flow meters have the advantages of immunity to vibration and noise.

Available from DN20 to DN300 (15mm to 1200mm) with optional temperature and pressure compensation for accurate and reliable mass flow measurement. This range of steam flow meters is manufactured in stainless steel and available as wafer design or with flanged bodied and is suitable for either saturated or super-heated steam with temperatures up to +250°C.

Various output options are available including: Pulse, 4-20mA,1-5vDC & RS485 for remote data networking. Mass Compensated Measurement is available in a local or remote display. The remote display options include Thermal Energy Measurement and condensate return.

VuFlow Turbine Meters

Our range of VuFlow Turbine Meters are designed for the measurement of a wide variety of liquids of both thin and medium viscosity. The range has been independently tested to UKAS national standards with excellent results and also has ATEX approved models available.

The flow meters range in size from 4 - 200mm I.D and benefit from a standard accuracy reading of +/-1% and a choice of blind signal output or range of digital displays which show actual flow rate, total and accumulated total with a variety of user features.

A choice of signal outputs and display options makes this range extremely versatile and popular. Models are constructed from high grade stainless steel and are available either threaded or flanged.

We're off to see the Queen!

We recently had the honour of supplying and commissioning Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters in Windsor Castle. The application required a system with the ability to measure the flow rates and temperatures of the building’s heating system to assess current and ongoing performance.

The BFU-100-RF ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters were selected by our client because they offer a cost effective solution with high levels of performance.

With simple installation and no need to cut into the existing pipe-work, unlike traditional in-line heat meter technologies, the sensors can be easily Clamped-on to the outside of the pipe meaning no contact with the internal fluid.

Fitted with a pulse output, the meters were linked to wireless data loggers which collected energy consumption and temperature information. A handheld collector meant the client was able to collect data from each location periodically via a wireless connection.

The flexibility of the flow meter also meant it could be used on a variety …