Simple Sight Flow Monitors & Switches

When a highly accurate flow meter is not essential but simple visual indication will be sufficient, or a good old fashioned mechanical flow switch is required, Bell Flow Systems’ range of flow monitors are more than suitable. Compatible with water, oil, chemicals and gas with the option of ATEX approval they can be used in most flow applications including those in hazardous areas.

Ideal for observing and monitoring fluid characteristics such as direction, flow and colour during process conditions, sight indicators are a cost-effective way to visually monitor flow and determine if any problems exist along the process line. Available in a choice of designs and materials there is an option to suit most applications.

The rising ball and spinner models are low cost sight indicators that meet the needs of simple flow applications. The rising ball model features a durable PTFE ball inside a borosilicate glass dome, as flow in the pipe rises the ball inside the dome will lift out of its socket, clearly becoming visible. Constructed from durable materials the rising ball model can also be used with chemicals and is available in sizes ¼” to 1 ½”. The spinner model features a PPS plastic spinner which starts to rotate once flow has commenced, this can be from as low as 0.7 lpm. The spinner design can be mounted both horizontally and vertically and is available in sizes ¼” to 1“.

The flap and spout sight flow indicators are a double window range, most useful where visual inspection of the pipeline content is needed. The plain spout design affords visual inspection only while the hinged internal flap design with its graduated scale allows a check on flow rate changes and for instance, affords repeatability of valve positioning. The sizable windows allow an excellent view of the conditions in the line, available in sizes ¼” to 2” and with screwed or flange connections.

The mechanical pointer flow monitors feature a spring loaded valve plate which is deflected proportionate to the flow in line and a mechanical pointer indicates the flow on an individually calibrated scale. These flow indicators have the facility to have a variety of switch and 4-20mA outputs if required, outputs that can be used for flow alarms and triggers for equipment shut down to protect against machinery damage and minimise ­down time. The mechanical pointer flow indicators can be installed in any orientation and have screwed, flanged and now wafer connections options. Available in sizes 1/4” to 12” and flow rates up to 5000 lpm.

Whether simple flow indication is required or a more complex flow monitor with alarms, Bell Flow Systems can provide cost-effective sight flow indicators suitable for most flow applications including those in hazardous areas. Visit: to buy now.

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