Case Study: Water Abstraction from Estate Boreholes

A working estate covering just over 50,000 acres, with large lawn areas, park land and trees to maintain, required an eco-friendly solution for expending water for the upkeep of the estate grounds. We supplied Badger Meter’s new M1000 electromagnetic flow meter as part of a water abstraction solution.

Water abstraction is the removal or diversion of water from the water environment. It can be carried out by a variety of means including a pump, pipes, an engineering structure in a watercourse, a borehole or a well. In terms of regulation, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) allows the abstraction of water from privately owned land if abstraction is less than 20m3 a day.

We supplied metering equipment for monitoring the water abstraction process for the estate using Badger Meter’s M1000 electromagnetic flow meter, a new addition to their accurate, high performance ModMAG® M-Series® family. The M1000 achieves an accuracy rate of ± 0.3 percent and its rugged design ensures exceptional reliability in demanding environments. The meter features a non-intrusive open flow tube that virtually eliminates pressure loss, and with no moving parts to impede the flow stream, maintenance is kept to a minimum - even in less than ideal fluid conditions. The M1000 is available in 1/4" (6mm) up to 8" (200mm) sizes and has a flow range of 0.05 up to 22700 litres per minute. We partnered the M1000 with a daily timer and a batch controller to ensure that the total water abstracted from the estate’s boreholes could be monitored and controlled to remain with SEPA’s maximum daily abstraction limits. 

This new ecological installation enables the continued use of alternative sources of water other than the mains water supply. We have been involved in many bespoke borehole metering projects over the years. Having extensive product knowledge and a broad range of metering and instrumentation products at their disposal this provides an unbeatable combination for those requiring a tailor made flow solution.

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