How They Work: Hedland Hydraulic & Pneumatic Variable Area Meters

As the leading manufacturer of hydraulic flow measurement solutions, the Hedland product line features over 15,000 inline, variable-area flow meters to measure hydraulic oils, compressed air and many other liquids and gases. This large range of meters ensures that there is a meter suitable for most industrial applications that require hydraulic and pneumatic measurement.
Hedland Hydraulic Flow Meters
Operating Principle
Hedland flow meters are variable area instruments, as the hydraulic oil or compressed air enters the meter, it is directed around a contoured metering cone located within the piston assembly. The pressure differential created by the flow around the cone causes the piston to move against the spring. The piston assembly carries a cylindrical PPS/Ceramic Magnet that is magnetically coupled to an easy-to-read linear flow scale that moves precisely, in direct response to movement of the piston for a quick visual indication to confirm systems are operating correctly. Click the image below to enlarge.

Hedland Hydraulic Flow Meter Operating Principle

Hedland flow meters are manufactured of aluminum, brass or stainless steel and are accurate to ±2% of full scale, their rugged construction enables them to work under a wide range of pressure (up to 6000 psi/414 bar), temperatures (260°C/500°F) and rigorous conditions encountered in industrial applications. The meters are also inherently less sensitive to shock and vibration than other variable area flow meters and the magnetic coupling also eliminates the need for mechanical linkages that wear, loosen and leak over the functional life of a typical variable area meter.

Because Hedland products do not require flow straighteners, have no special piping requirements and may be installed in any orientation, the meters are suitable for both new and retrofit installations. The meters are available with end fitting options of SAE threads, NPTF threads, BSPP threads, and code 61/62 flanges in sizes from ½” to 3” (6mm to 76mm). Hedland’s unique design also allows the visual linear scale to be rotated 360° to optimise readability even after permanent installation.

Product Background
Racine Federated is now a division of Badger Meter Inc. USA. Founded in 1905 and now employing more than 1500 people worldwide. Badger Meter Europa GmbH was founded in 1972 and is located in Neuffen, Germany. Bell Flow Systems Ltd is working in partnership with Badger Meter Europa to offer sales and support of the many recognised brands of Racine Federated which have been sold in the UK for many years.

We are the UK agent for Badger Meter which includes Hedland Variable Area Meters. If you would like further information on Hedland meters get in contact with us.

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