NEW VuHeat - RHI Compliant Heat Meters

The new VuHeat range of heat meters are available in sizes ¾” up to 4” (20mm to 100mm), they are ideal for domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) compliance as well as for larger pipe sizes such as those found in commercial properties and industrial heating systems. 

VuHeat models meet MID Class 2 and benefit from ultrasonic technology, with no moving parts these meters are far more durable than those with mechanical counters. Suitable for temperatures up to +90°C and with standard M-Bus output and a long battery life, VuHeat meters are well suited to monitoring and recording energy consumption in domestic, commercial and industrial heating systems. Pulse and wireless RF as well as data concentrators and billing software complete the package.

Both householders and non-domestic sectors can benefit from the RHI, a Governmental scheme that provides financial support to participants that install renewable heating technologies in their homes and companies such as biomass boilers. Where heat metering is required a meter that is MID Class 3 is critical for domestic RHI and MID Class 2 for non-domestic RHI, the claim will not be processed without meeting these standards as a minimum.

With a wide variety of RHI approved heat meters at our disposal we can provide all the heat metering elements required to meet the stringent RHI standards.

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