Metering Solutions for Effective Energy Management

Manufacturing is one of the main consumers of global energy consumption and with energy prices constantly rising and increased pressure from the Government to improve energy efficiency, energy management is always high on the agenda for plant engineers.

Effective metering is fundamental to energy management with meter data proving invaluable for calculating how much energy is being used, finding routine energy waste and ultimately finding those potential energy (and cost) saving opportunities. 

These are some of our top energy monitoring solutions:

Industry is reliant on water for all levels of production but there is too little focus spent on managing water consumption.

AquaLink II is a smart constant monitoring system that remotely records water 
consumption data from flow meters.

• Data transmission via Wifi/ GPRS/ GSM
• Real time data from remote locations
• Single & multi-channel models
• Data retrieval via secure website
• Download data to CSV file
• SMS and email alerts / alarms
• Weatherproof IP68 case

Gas used in process operations such as in industrial furnaces cannot easily be replaced with renewable sources but its use can be monitored.

The MFGD is an accurate digital mass flow gas meter for natural gas applications.

• Uses MEMs technology
• Ultra-low pressure drop
• Temp up to +55°C / 5bar pressure
• Sizes 1 1/4” to 3”
• Pulse and Modbus output options
• Lithium Ion Battery
• LCD display
• Aluminum body

Continually operated machinery can use a large amount of electricity and reducing this requires the identification of inefficient and unintended electricity usage. 

The EM21 is an innovative three phase electricity meter, its removable LCD 
display means the same unit can be DIN 
or panel mounted.

• Compact electricity meter
• All types of supply (1-2-3 phase)
• Class 1 accuracy (kWh)
• Multi-line LCD display
• CT connected
• Pulse and Modbus output options

Heat meters are designed to meet the needs of measurement in heating, hot water and chilled water applications. 

Minol’s WR3 is a heat integrator that functions together with 3rd party flow sensors with a pulse output. Heat metering kit available.

• Multi-data energy integrator
• MID Class 2 / 3 (dependent on installation)
• LCD display with removable heat calculator
• m³, kWh, MWh or GJ
• Saved readings for last 24 mths
• 6 year battery / AC option
• M-Bus, 2 pulse inputs / outputs

Steam is an energy medium and many production plants employ steam for heating, processing and even cleaning but the need to measure steam flow is not always fully appreciated.

Selection of vortex steam meters suitable for saturated & superheated steam applications. 

• Integrated pressure & temp compensation
• Temp up to +250°C / +350°C
• Stainless steel body
• Wafer and flanged connections
• Sizes 1/2" to 12"
• LCD display
• Pulsed, 4-20mA and M-bus outputs

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