For Flow Measurement Virtually Anywhere

The ModMag M5000 is a battery-operated electromagnetic meter that provides the flexibility to install a reliable water flow meter virtually anywhere without sacrificing accuracy or performance.

Designed, developed and manufactured under strict quality standards, ModMag M5000 features two internal battery packs with more than 20 years operation and a sophisticated processor based signal conversion with accuracies of ±0.5%.

Electromagnetic flow meters have inherent advantages over other more conventional technologies, with no moving parts and a choice of liner and electrode materials, these meters can be used to measure conductive fluids, water and wastewater for instance including water containing particles such as sand or gravel.

As standard the ModMag M5000 is equipped with a pulse output and an internal datalogger which can be read-out via Modbus RTU protocol. Data can also be retrieved via radio frequency or GSM/GPRS. Thus the data can be centrally collected and evaluated.

Although the ModMag M5000 does not require mains power, it’s dual power option provides the choice to operate on both internal batteries and mains voltage, this provides a backup to ensure that data is not lost in case of power failure.

The ModMag M5000 is an indispensable tool for a range of applications where power is not available but where rate and totalisation are required. We are a UK representative of Badger Meter, please contact us for further information.


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