Leak Detection In One Day

System for improved water network efficiency

The biggest challenge for any water distributor is monitoring and detection of leaks in their network. Without a smart leak detection system you rely on manual leak detection which is often too late and can cause costly and time-consuming disruptions.

Today most water networks rely on traditional SCADA systems for control, which do not have the means for fast detection of leaks and defects. Without the right tools most silent leaks and defects remain undetected and significantly increase overall non-revenue water of the network. 

AquaLink have developed a solution for more efficient management of water networks. The AquaLink system is a monitoring platform that enables the public utility companies to gain control over their water network in a simple and effective manner.

The system is composed of battery powered field devices that are installed on the existing water meter and a cloud based software that enables remote online monitoring. The installation of the field devices is simple and user friendly as it does not require any power or communication infrastructure. It is designed to be easily installed into existing water networks without modification.

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