Trip to Slovenia- AquaLink Training

Earlier this month our technical sales team were invited over to Otočec in Slovenia for product training on the AquaLink telemetry system- a platform that enables remote online monitoring of flow meters.

As strong advocates of training to boost our product expertise, our team spent two days learning about the technical aspects and capabilities of the AquaLink unit, it’s programming and how to interpret collected data via the cloud based software. 

With up to 3 Digital inputs and 3 Analog inputs, a 6 year battery or mains power, real time data collection, sensor based alarms and an IP67 ABS enclosure, the AquaLink offers a complete system for data logging and leak detection. AquaLink also announced that they were working on a mobile App to be released early next year, which will make on-site programming even easier!

However it was not all hard work and no play, the hosts also wined and dined our team. They visited Pleterje Carthusian Monastery where they tasted Cviček, a wine made from both red and white grapes produced by Monks and also pear brandy and honey brandy.

Why not test our team on how the AquaLink can help you with more efficient management of flow?

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