Our first new product introduction of 2015

Digital Diesel Meter- ADTFM from Macnaught  

Ideal for in-line field and gravity feed use, these Macnaught DIGITAL TURBINE METERS are a compact, lightweight and accurate method for the measurement of diesel or urea/DEF. These meters feature a turbine mechanism which is suitable for reliable gravity feed applications. These units are designed for flow rates from 10-150LPM, and can be field calibrated. Ideally used in-line with an automatic fuel nozzle. These meters offer accuracy of +/-0.5% when field calibrated. The electronic display can be rotated by 180° and contains a built-in computer programmed with many useful stock control features designed to help you to track and optimise your diesel consumption:Product Overview

  • Flow rate: Display real time flow rate
  • Dispensing History: Easily view the last 5 volumes dispensed
  • Available Stock: Input the volume of fuel to prevent fuel running out.
  • Low Level Alarm: Prevent running out with this alarm feature
  • Technical Specifications

    • Flow rate 10 - 150LPM
    • Suitable for diesel, kerosene and coolants
    • Inlet/Outlet: 1"BSP
    • Maximum working pressure 50psi (3.5bar)
    • 6 digit reset total
    • 6 digit non-reset total
    • Register can be rotated (180 degrees)
    • Field calibration capability

ADTFM Product SheetDownload
ADTFM Instruction Manual Download

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