Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter Installation for Aquatic Exhibits Specialists

Bell Flow Systems were recently approached by a company who specialize in the set up and maintenance of aquatic exhibits in zoos around the UK.

The company required a flexible, portable metering option, which would allow their engineers to measure the flow rate in a variety of pipe sizes without having to interrupt the flow or disturb the animals.

With inherent advantages over traditional in-line flow meter technologies, the cost-effective BFU-100-H handheld portable ultrasonic heat meter was chosen. The ultrasonic flow meter was supplied, as it allowed the engineers to use the same meter at various zoos, on a wide range of pipe sizes and materials, without having to cut into the pipe and cause potential contamination issues.

The BFU-100-H is a battery powered, non-invasive meter which clamps on to the outside of virtually any pipe material, from 25mm to 700mm in diameter, and is accurate to ±1%. Featuring a flexible installation in which the meter can be mounted both horizontally or vertically, if required.


This meter was used to ensure the efficiency of their filtering and pumping systems for aquatic exhibits, for a wide range of creatures from jellyfish to penguins, to ensure the water quality was good enough to keep them all healthy and happy!


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