Monday, 2 December 2013

Diesel transfer pumps range extended to encompass more fuel delivery pumps of different voltages, sizes and flow ranges. Buy online for next day delivery... extra, extra, read all about it !

Being part of the Flowmax group gives us access to some of the best fuel transfer pumps on the market from leading global brands such as Piusi, Fill-Rite and Gespasa. We also have a budget range for those with less discerning tastes, but still in need of reliable quality products.

Hypothetical problem of the day: You have a 12V DC supply from your truck, tractor or fork-lift and want to fill a large tank or bowser with diesel. After thirty minutes it is only 40% full and your pump is starting to smell funny... you read the warning label and it says 30 min duty cycle... what do you do?

A: Wait 30 minutes and resume filling, because most of the pumps on the market are rated this way.

B: Wish that you had asked a specialist and been supplied with a continuously rated 12V diesel transfer pump from Gespasa