New MX Series flow meters from Macnaught

This is actually very big news if you are in the flow meter business of use positive displacement flow meters at your company.

Australian manufacturer, Macnaught have in recent years invested an awful lot of time and money bringing all of their flow meter production in-house, in the process reshaping the way they do business. From out of this dynamic new company ethos a star has been born ! (yes flow meter news can be exciting)

The New MX Range was launched onto the European stage recently and as the UK agent for Macnaught, Bell Flow Systems went along to see what all the fuss was about. We were hugely impressed with the host of new features and user benefits encompassed in this revolutionary new product family.

Everything about this new range is set to impress and since we started stocking and selling some first units off the production line, MX models have been met with a very warm reception indeed.

Macnaught MX Series,  Sizes 1/4" to 4"

MX Web Based Resources
Macnaught has developed a comprehensive set of web based resources in order to support customers throughout the entire process of selecting, applying and maintaining the MX Flow meter range

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