GPS AquaMeter Designed for Fast, Accurate Readings

The GPS AquaMeter™ from Aquaread™ is the one of the most sophisticated, yet easy to use multiparameter water quality test system. No other equipment available can match the GPS AquaMeter™ and associated AquaProbes™ in either specification or value for money. Specifically designed to easily connect and display readings with the wide range of Aquaread multiparameter probes.

The GPS AquaMeter™ is a breakthrough in functional and operating system design and was
developed by an award-winning team of scientists and engineers whose experience includes the design of moving map satellite navigation systems for high speed military jets.

With the GPS AquaMeter™ and its associated range of multiparameter probes, it is now possible to obtain fast, reliable, accurate and dependable water quality readings.

Features of the GPS AquaMeter include tough, high impact, IP67 waterproof case with sure-grip rubber gasket to comfortably sit in the hand. Incorporated on the meter is a large, high contrast display for perfect readability, backlit in low light conditions with a soft white light. Data can be viewed immediately on the display as well as being logged on the device.

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