Three Parameters In a One-Inch-Diameter Ground Water Probe

The CTD-Diver instrument available from Bell Flow Systems offers a way of measuring and registering groundwater level, groundwater temperature and groundwater conductivity with a single instrument, all by using a device that fits into a one-inch probe!

Monitoring groundwater levels and saltwater intrusion, injected wastewater, or contamination from chemical discharges and landfill sites used to be a labour intensive, difficult job. This is no longer the case, however, due to the introduction of the CTD-Diver.

The CTD-Diver is an accurate measuring instrument with 3 sensors: a pressure transducer for determining water level, a temperature sensor for measuring temperature, and a sensor for determining conductivity. Conductivity is especially important for indicating pollutants in groundwater. The CTD-Diver is available in three standard pressure measuring ranges (10, 50 and 100-metre heads) conductivity measuring range 0 to 120 mS/cm).

The measurements taken are stored in a memory large enough to hold 16,000 recordings made for each of the three parameters.

The CTD-Diver is built into a rugged and completely sealed Ceramic housing that practically eliminates the chance of damage or corrosion. Since the measuring system is invisible above ground level, the risk of vandalism is minimal. Unlike many other systems, the CTD-Diver needs no ventilated cable running to the surface. Due to the fact that the system is entirely encased, moisture cannot reach penetrate inside the unit. The battery has a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years! All of these characteristics make the CTD-Diver extremely reliable and easy to maintain.

Data download can be undertaken by connecting directly or placing the Diver in a read-out unit. An infrared signal sends stored information to the read-out unit that is connected to a portable computer. Diver-Mate or Diver-Office User-friendly software processes the data and can export the results directly to a spreadsheet program if desired. Connection to e-SENSE GSM/GPRS network is also possible

The CTD-Diver is programmed by the read-out unit to set up such settings as the starting time, the location code and the measuring frequency. The CTD-Diver can also be programmed to take measurements when triggered by events.  In the case of conductivity, for example, the only times when data will be stored will be when the Diver detects changes in conductivity levels. This way, changes occurring in the groundwater can be followed in detail and completely independently of the time that they occur.

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